Monday, December 21, 2009

Optimized Cable Experience

I just thought I’d take a moment and share the experience I had with Optimized Cable Company. I was searching for a set of HDMI-DVI and DVI-DVI cables for two monitors and decided to try the products of Optimized Cable Company. I found their selection of cables to be of high quality and their prices to be competitive. What prompted me; however, to write about this was the excellent customer service they provided. So often we are quick to post and talk about our bad experiences and rarely do we share the positive experiences we have with companies.

The positive experience I had with Optimized Cable Company is one of those great experiences you rarely hear about. When I ordered my set of cables, which were delivered very quickly (I might add), I realized I had not paid close enough attention to the connectors. One of my monitors had an HDMI connector, while the other had DVI; however, both of my video cards had DVI connectors. When I realized my ordering error I promptly called them and explained my mistake and they said to just send them back the incorrect cable and they would promptly send me the correct cable, which was slightly more expensive than the one I originally ordered. They did an even exchange and I received the cable I intended to purchase at no additional cost to me or hassle.

Based on the quality of the cables I received, prompt delivery, and the ease of doing business with them. I will direct my future needs for cables to them and highly recommend them for all of your cable needs.

Thank you Optimized Cable Company!

Optimized Cable Company